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TV Career


Under the banner of my company ‘Sound to Picture’, I have been composing successful, award-winning music scores since 1988. I’ve written sound tracks for several international documentary series and for numerous single programmes. I’m currently working on a major new TV series to be broadcast this Autumn. Some of my most recent projects include:-


Santiago Files  Chile 1976. Salvatore Allende is about to capitulate as President.After coming to power as the ‘darling’ of the people he is now faced with the unnerving prospect of surrender to the military or standing up for his beliefs. A tragic end to a story of true passion and a desire to better the lives of the people of his country.




The Age Of Aids  4 hour documentary series covering the evolution of this deadly virus. Broadcast in 2006 across North America on the PBS network. Probably the most comprehensive reporting of this global predicament and its origins and effects on countries, their politics and the people affected. A truly important piece of television reportage of this global concern. Conceived and produced by WGBH Boston USA.

Do You Speak American  Three one hour programmes that look at the current state of the American language. Travelling from Maine down the East Coast to the Tex Mex border then back up the West Coast ending up in Seattle, Robin Neill talks to the people to find out how their ‘speak’ is changing.

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